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Animal & Nature Trivia acornsflowerhearthouse

If you have seen my books, then you know I really like animals! Before I begin a book, I do a whole bunch of research on the animals I am planning to illustrate. I visit my library and surf the internet, looking for information that will help me create the animal characters in my books. While I am researching, I learn weird and amazing facts about these fascinating creatures.
Click here: ANIMAL TRIVIA.pdf to download a PDF file of my Animal Trivia questions that you can try out for yourself or in your classroom.
Scroll DOWN to see what you know!!



What Do You Know?

Here are some Animal Trivia questions for you. See how much you know and then scroll down to the bottom of the page for the answers.
TEACHERS: Click here: ANIMAL TRIVIA.pdf to download a .pdf file of the questions without the answers. If you are planning a School Visit with me, your kids will love to see how much they know before I come to your school and then impress me with their answers!

1. How does a cricket make a chirping noise?

2. Are chirping crickets girls or boys or both?

3. What is another name for a LUNA MOTH? (Hint: “luna” is Spanish for what?)

4. What body part, which most animals have, is a luna moth missing?

5. Garden spiders are great because they like to eat what?

6. When a garden spider rebuilds its web, it discards the old web. How?

7. Some bats eat fruit. What do other bats eat?

8. Bats have an amazing skill that allows them to “see” in the dark without using      their eyes. What is this called?

9. Scientists call STARFISH this word, which means “spiny skin.”

10. Starfish have terrible table manners…do you know why?

11. What happens to a starfish if it loses an arm? What is this called?

12. What do we call animals who wake up at night?

13. What do we call animals (like us!) who wake up in the daytime?

14. How do bumblebees talk to each other?

15. What gives hippos a reddish/pinkish color? Why?

16. A kangaroo and a wombat both originally come from the same place in the world. Where is it?

17. A kangaroo and a wombat both have this handy and unique body part. What is it?

18. What do scientists call these types of animals?

19. An otter can do this for over four minutes. What is it?

20. Why is a zebra like a fingerprint?






ANSWERS (no peeking!!)

Click here: Trivia Answers.pdf to download a .pdf file of the answers.

1) Crickets rub their wings together to make a chirping noise. 2) Only male crickets can make a chirping noise--sorry girls. 3) "Luna" is Spanish for "moon". Another name for the luna moth is the North American Moon Moth. 4) A luna moth is missing a mouth. They do not eat. 5) Garden spiders eat bugs--or INSECTS! They are also symbols of wisdom and good luck. 6) A garden spider eats its old web. Yummy! 7) Other bats eat insects, up to 1,000 mosquitos in a single night, for example! A very small number of species (vampire bats) eat the blood of other animals. 8) Echolocation. 9) Echinoderms. 10) They throw out their "stomachs" to eat and digest their food. 11) It can grow another one! This is called "regeneration." 12) Nocturnal. 13) Diurnal. 14) They dance! 15) They exude a red oil from their skin. It is like built-in sunblock and protects them from the sun. 16) Australia. 17) A pouch. 18) Marsupials. 19) Hold its breath! 20) No two have the same stripes.